Keys to an Extraordinary Life

An extraordinary life is a life on whose terms? 


What is an extraordinary life? What does that look like to you? Starting a business and growing it to the highest levels of success? Improving the quality of your relationships? Feeling strong and healthy? Achieving more than you’ve ever dreamed?

Ultimately, an extraordinary life = life on your terms. This is different for everyone. But no matter how you define what a truly magnificent life is, there are two skills you must master: The science of achievement (the ability to take what you envision and to make it real) and the art of fulfilment (your own way to enjoy life : relationships, contribution).

Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

Make a decision of how you gonna live. Give direction to your brain & take action.


To dive in deeper to this concept and to see how you can improve your career, personal finances, your health and your relationships, see this presentation my team put together on the 12 Keys to an Extraordinary Life of Fulfillment:

Unlock your true potential through the power of parallel. While exclusive focus on outward achievement or inner fulfillment will bring results — combine these forces through the six primary categories of your life to create the truly extraordinary.

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Learn about fundamental laws that govern the human body. While every person has a different biochemistry, learn how to make simple changes in your diet and activity to create abundance of energy, an extraordinary physical body, and prevent disease.

People tend to consume too many acidic foods and feel tired or become sick. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and depression are all linked to our food choices.

Eat more green leafy vegetables and cut down on sugar to alkalize your body and power it up the right way.

Start learning the secrets, strategies and psychology to achieve and maintain your most vital physical goals now. Take action — create the body want and the health you need, now!

Transform your body with unbeatable vitality and achieve your greatest physical goals.



What you feed your mind on a daily basis creates your experience of life. However, far too many people believe that they “don’t have time” to give their minds the kind of information that can help them create real, concrete results and achieve their dreams.

While you commute, run errands, exercise or clean the house, listen to podcasts or other short-burst resources that will help you achieve your dreams. And use the Rapid Planning Method of Tony Robbins for success.

Challenges will always arise, even with the best time management system in place. But keep going, because 20% of what you do in life usually makes 80% of the difference.

The “why” is the most important thing to know – it’s where all of the emotional juice and fuel is to help you overcome obstacles. If you have a big enough why, you will figure out the “how.”


Master the secrets for achieving financial success, in any economy, from those who have dedicated their lives to wealth. Get tactical about creating your money machine by learning how the 1% actually invest!

Become financially free by creating your financial independence, saving money and use the power of compounding, but don’t forget to create “magic moments” with your loved ones and take your holidays…

Learn the methods to empower your true passion, stop working just to live and start doing what you love!



Whether you’re a business owner or you work for someone else, the key to success is the same: Add more value than anybody else, period. Creating raving fan clients internally and externally requires you to meet people’s needs like never before.

Whether it’s lead generation, sales and prospecting, sales conversion, changes to your offers, or retention, mobilize your team with a clear plan to target the specific improvements that will have the most impact.

The #1 secret to fulfillment in your career is knowing what your true gift is and leveraging those particular skills and potential within your business.


Extraordinary, loving, intimate relationships don’t die for lack of love; they die from lack of intimacy. If you continue to market yourself and to innovate to meet your partner’s needs, you’ll avoid losing that precious connection that you fought so hard to obtain.

If you treat people at the end of the relationship like the beginning, there won’t be an end. By maintaining what worked in the beginning of your relationship, you can continue to meet the needs of your lover and enrich your mutual experience.

Besides, very few people are inherently selfless, but when it comes to relationships, the more you give, the more extraordinary the partnership will be.

The ultimate key to creating and experiencing an extraordinary, ful lling relationship is to rst work on yourself.

When you raise your standards for your own behavior and actions, you will naturally empower and engage with the best in your partner.

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What is a belief? It’s a feeling of certainty about what something means. Beliefs create the maps that guide us toward our goals and give us the power to take action. But in the same way that they can drive us forward to the lives we want to live, they can also create obstacles in our path and cause us to miss out on the things we want most. By focusing the power of your beliefs, you can turn your dreams into reality.

Our beliefs come from 5 places: our environment or circumstances, powerful life events, our knowledge, past results and future vision. Free yourself from the beliefs that limit positive action and prevent you from reaching your potential. Learn how to turn your negatives into positives with these empowering beliefs.

Do your beliefs limit you or empower you?

Once you’ve learned how to break your negative state and adopt empowering, positive beliefs, the next challenge is to maintain that state.

Be in the present & create a beautiful state. What is your definition of a beautiful state? Is it grateful, playful, curious, loving? Once you identify which power emotions give you the most joy, cultivate them and keep them alive.

New month, new goals

Nobody gets more excited by a new month than me.

Have you ever written New Years resolutions, and had them last longer than a few months?

They’re unlikely, right?

I used to do this. Every year I would write a great big list (I’m one of those girls who LOVE writing lists) of what was going to make this year great. Better. The best.

The intention was almost there… But I came to realise that will the intent came action NOW.

That’s why I love welcoming a new month – new challenges, new goals.

I set out some personal goals and professional ones for me and my team .

My top tips for goal setting are simple:

WRITE DOWN your goals – write down and read back everything it means to achieve that goal. Visualise it. Make it real. Add the emotion.

Create your ACTION plan – work backwards from your goal and write down everything you need to do to make achieving that goal possible. These are how bite size goals.

START NOW – to create momentum, you must first create energy. Start this today! You will ever regret it.

REWARD YOURSELF – and make it something worth working hard for.*

*On that note, I’m off for holidays and training for two weeks. Instead of waiting for the sunshine, we are off to find it. That’s real action taking.


The Law of Attraction

I was walking home today after a nice day at the beach, and reflecting on my new life. I reminisced on the person I was a few years ago as a student or City banker and the person I am now.
I am more happy, peaceful, more understanding, more patient, all these good things yet it don’t feel it’s enough when I interact with society.

And you? What changes have you made? Have you stayed the same? Can you relate?

Im my previous life, the importance in values had been diminished through the distractions of pleasing others & fitting in to get a sense of belonging, particularly in the context of my career…

I now surround myself with people who think the same, who wanna grow, have this positivity and curiosity in life that make them become outstanding persons… That’s why I’d like to remind & encourage you to make an effort to choose who you surround yourself with wisely. Do they empower or encourage you to be better? Do they have interests in the kind of things you like?

Where and who we focus on becomes a reality. The law if attraction will attract certain people based on your focus.
What have you focused on: The news talking about terrorism ? How to make more money? Passing finals and drinking on weekend to unwind? Bills and family issues ?
Is what you focus on producing good results? Results you are happy with? If it not, you can readjust and fix a couple things.

We should be ourselves and not do things based on society’s expectation.

Deepak says : Time is an illusion. It’s what we choose to do with that time that determines how we’ll feel and act. He says to control time as a basic aspect of yourself. Recovering and knowing what we could do in the present and not let the past trap us. He says if there is anything to fear it should be the known because it’s the habitual conditioned patterns of the past. The unknown offers new opportunity, a fresh start.

Now is the time to make a fresh new decision that will get you on track. If you are reading this you have a desire to improve your life, so you are already on the right track!

Book: The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a novel by Paulo Coelho : The Alchemist

I read the spanish version of this novel, it is one of the most popular novels to emerge in the past twenty years, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, a story about the necessary pursuit of happiness, has endeared its author to thousands of readers worldwide. The Alchemist has many themes, but its overriding message is that people must follow their dreams.

The Alchemist traces the path of Santiago, a young Spanish shepherd who is compelled to follow his dream of finding hidden treasure in Egypt. To do so, he must leave the comfort zone of home, learn to trust the “Soul of the World,” and believe that there are forces in the universe that want us to be happy. In order to find happiness, however, Santiago must first discover his “Personal Legend”—that is to say, he must to discover what he is meant to do in the world. Fortunately, Santiago soon takes the first step in his acquisition of happiness: he listens to his heart and overcomes fear. As Santiago continues his sometimes-painful journey, he discovers that one cannot be dissuaded from pursuing a “Personal Legend,” even if the choices seem impossible to bear. More crucially, Santiago learns that he can continue to be a passive receiver of the events of his life, a victim — or he can embrace his experiences and move forward with purpose, thereby becoming an adventurer.


Set in an undefined time and taking place alternately between Spain and Egypt, The Alchemist is the story of Santiago’s quest for fortune, his Personal Legend, and the decoding of the Language of the World. The young man must endure many obstacles. First, he must overcome those who have told him since childhood that his dreams can never be realized. Santiago has to understand that those who truly love him will not begrudge him the pursuit of his dreams. Then, he must hold back fear of failure and defeat to continue his quest. Last, he has to understand that the worst thing in life is to deny one’s dreams.

Although the ultimate realization of one’s dreams is a solitary affair, Santiago is required to accept help in various guises, not all of which are immediately understood as helpful. He must agree to give up part of whatever fortune he finds. He has to believe in the interpretation of his dreams and trust in a man, an “alchemist,” who has valuable information to share, although the man is mysterious and his veracity unchecked. He must place his faith in the alchemist when all logic would dictate otherwise.

Santiago must let go in order to receive real love, find fortune, and achieve understanding. Like all of those who dare to dream, Santiago experiences setbacks. During his journey, Santiago is delayed as he works for many months in a crystal shop. When he is able to raise enough money to travel, the reality of tribal warfare threatens his life. But like an adventurer in the midst of a sandstorm, Santiago keeps his eyes on the path and his mind on his task. When he eventually realizes his dreams, they are better than he could have ever imagined.


The Alchemist can be understood as a roadmap to finding Santiago’s treasure, both physical and spiritual. Like the four corners of the earth, there are four points of contention through which the protagonist must travel in order to find his treasure:
– overcoming childhood’s messages of “no, you can’t,”
– overcoming fear of hurting those he loves,
– facing the reality of defeats,
– and dealing with the reality of successes.


* The core philosophy of the book. Melchizedek, the king of Salem tells Santiago: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
* The camel driver tells Santiago the reason he is unafraid of the war between the tribes is because he lives only in the present. : “If you can concentrate always on the present, you’ll be a happy man,” he says. “Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living right now.”
* The alchemist, noticing the overwhelming happiness of the travellers: “Maybe God created the desert so that man could appreciate the date palms.”
* The alchemist has promised Santiago could turn himself into the wind, which Santiago is fearful of being unable to fulfil then The Alchemist says: “If a person is living out his Personal Legend, he knows everything he needs to know. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
* Santiago tells it, “When you are loved, you can do anything in creation. When you are loved, there’s no need at all to understand what’s happening because everything happens within you, and even men can turn themselves into the wind. As long as the wind helps, of course.”

Follow this link for more details : Summary