Healthy living is much more than eating healthy and being physically active. Healthy living is living life to it’s fullest. It’s participating in activities you love. It’s eating foods you enjoy. Healthy living is making sure your choices match your values. Too often we are caught up in what needs to get done whether it’s taking care of the house, the family, or our jobs that we don’t take time to stop and smell the roses! Healthy living is finding a balance between work, home, and self. This does not mean the time is equally spent, rather that each area of our life is fulfilling and rewarding. Healthy living is more about quality than quantity! Healthy living is forgiveness of self and others. Healthy living involves your mind, body and spirit.

Connecting with your spiritual self.

I believe Yoga and Meditation can be a way to guide people to connect with their spiritual self, the most often missed aspect of healthy living. We may be religious and still miss our connection. Through breath and meditation, you can achieve a re-connect with this often missing link to well-being. Through the opportunity to leave the stress of the day behind, we allow ourselves the benefit of focusing on what is truly important and valuable in our life.

Smile, sing, laugh, and play daily!

You can’t be unhappy when you’re smiling, singing, laughing, or playing (SSLP)!  Look for ways to incorporate SSLP daily. Fake it if you have to until you’ve convinced yourself.  Bonus: Smiling is a natural face lift! Remember, healthy living is enjoyment.

Be positive.

If it’s difficult to be positive- fake it!  Start your day with one positive comment about yourself.  End the day by saying out loud one (or more) positive choices or actions that you did today.  Some days this will be challenging, some days it won’t. This simple activity can be very powerful in healthy living. Unhealthy living focuses on the things that  could have/should have/would have. Whereas our positive self does what needs to be done to nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

Set a non food goal for yourself

Take a break from focusing on food and focus on an action. It may be to read more, take up a hobby, call a friend or colleague, take a walk in the park, or rent a movie. Healthy living and healthy eating is more than just food. When you take time to nourish the soul, you will find you nourish the body.

Clear out old habits that no longer benefit you.

Just as we periodically clean out our house, basement, or garage, so too must we clear out old behaviors in order to achieve healthy living. Think about your goals in life and the behaviors you want to maintain in order to achieve those goals—at this moment in your life, what are your barriers to those behaviors? While sometimes the barriers are external (a family member, work schedule, etc), we do have control over most things in our life. Which of those barriers can you do away with? What habits hinder your progress? Does negative thinking, lack of confidence, or fear keep you from reaching your potential? Our thoughts can be retrained by consciously choosing to find the positive in ourselves and the situation. Identify what behaviors you want to begin practicing by noticing the behaviors of those you admire—what is it about that person that you want to emulate? Then practice, practice, practice, those behaviors and thoughts. Pretty soon, someone will be asking you how you do it!

What choice can you make today to practice healthy living? Do you have any tips you’d like to share on how you make healthy living happen for you?