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Learning & Studying Life - Solvene

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Learning & Studying Life

I believe you must bring your whole self to to the table, if you want to thrive in your life and in your business today. That includes your skills but also your personality, your mindset and most importantly your leadership and sense of humor.
I also believe we learn best when we are passionate, enjoy what we are doing, and have fun. That’s why my team and I care deeply about you and are committed to not only get you results, but make learning irresistibly fun.
Through my live events, webinars, videos and programs, you’ll learn practical wisdom inspired by the world-renowned leaders.

A Student of Life…

To be a student of life is to study it and learn something everyday. If you ever want to be good at living life you have to study it.

We all need personal development. Personal development is feeding and programming the mind for a better quality of life.

Neurosciences & NLP

I teach and develop new approaches and procedures in the field of neurolinguistics and NLP.  I have learnt from the most influential people in this field, such as John Grinder who is the co-creator of NLP.

I am also a fervent student of functional Neuroscience and what that has revealed about how we function as human beings.  These insights have fundamentally changed and improved my understanding of human instincts, thinking and behaviours, setting the basis that underlies all my work to great practical benefits and applications towards learning and making positive change.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP page

Transforming the Quality of your Life…

“Its not about what we’ve got, but about who we become and how much we contribute” – Anthony Robbins.

In life, whatever we focus on consistently, we tend to manifest in our lives.

The past does not equal the future. All that matters is : what are you going to do now?
How to transform the quality of your life: taking small consistent improvement steps.

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