This is the title of the book of Richard Bandler, co-developper of NLP : Using your brain: for a change

I listened to the MP3 of Richard Bandler related to this title. Interesting NLP techniques are provided, here are a few points I retained:

How to get motivated

Think of something you want to be more motivated to do and find out how you think about it now. How big a picture is it? Is it a movie or a slide? Make it bigger, brighter and closer. Add voices and music, increasing the tone and volume. When you learn how to vary these and other sub-modalities, you can increase or decrease how you respond to your own thoughts.
Sub-modalities are a powerful mean of producing change, one of the avenues opened with NLP. There is also…
Anchoring which allows us to have resourceful feelings when we want them
Reframing which opens up new possibilities of behaviours and feelings
Strategies which consist in getting automatic thoughts sequences that support what we want to do in life
Language patterns
And much more….

Mastering your feelings, stay in love or fall out of love…

Experiencing love can sometimes become a source of concern, if e.g. you have fallen in love with someone inappropriate or distractive to us, or when we find a love we value very much and fear it might fade. Richard delineates one of the structures of thoughts that cause people to stay in love and how to fall out of love if that is appropriate. He talks a lot about associations and dissociations. Associations: when you think of a memory and you hear it and see it through your own eyes as if you were living it again. In contrast, as for Dissociations: you see it from the outside, as if you were watching yourself on a movie screen or on TV. These are crucial sub-modalities elements to fall in and out of love.
When u wanna fall out of love, you dissociate yourself from the pleasant memories and associate with the unpleasant memories, and when you wanna stay in love, you do the opposite… and you must get this right!! 😉
Run a relationship “maintenance” program for someone you love and want stay in love with: Think of 5 of the most special times that you had with this person, now run movies of these times associated, you are living them from your point of view, so you can fully enjoy your good feelings towards this person. Then think of several unpleasant times you had with this person, making sure you see each one dissociated, seeing yourself out there far away ; run through 5 very quickly this way so your mind get the idea.
If this is for someone you want to fall out of love with, do the reverse, associate into your unpleasant memories, dissociate from the pleasant ones.

Attitudes to adopt

Anything can be accomplished, it is just a matter is finding out how..
Take an active stance towards living rather than being only a passive responser towards events.

I guess you start to realise the great magnitude of the possibilities being offered by NLP to take charge of our own thoughts and feelings, to be the guide of our own experience and therefore the course of our life.
For more details, get Richard Bandler’s books!